Erin Ashenhurst

• Visual Narrative & Everyday Oddity •

Dis/Appearances on a Highway

Dis/Appearances on a Highway: A model drive constructs elements of a road trip from Vancouver to Stewart, BC. Juxtaposing fragments of text describing a personal narrative with photographs of the landscape that appear to be taken from the secure distance of a car, the work explores a terrain experienced as an otherness. See more



In Waves, digital photo frame technology is employed to make manifest a tangent of memory. Growing from a single constructed image, an imagined narrative points to the performative tendencies of subjects in front of the camera, and the transformation of an image into a trigger for the recollection of ‘cherished moments.’ See more



Distancing is an installation by Erin Ashenhurst and Kristin Carlson that plays with the themes of memory and narrative. To remember is to give meaning to personal experience. Over time, the nature of memories change as they fall subject to the filter of perspective, new information, and the process of forgetting. See more


At Arm's Length

At arm’s length is a web-based project exploring the process of self-portraiture. Collaborating with actress Lisa Fletcher, I developed sketches of ‘the amateur photographer’ staged at each of three contrasting locations. The space introduced by social media, dating sites, and blogs for ‘profile pictures’ has created a need for images representing the self. See more



Domesticfoul is an ongoing drawing project which first took the form of a weekly comic (over a decade ago). In these sketches, humans reveal their eccentricities while animals indulge in all manner of mischief. The banal quickly becomes the bizarre. See more


My visual art and course development continues to be informed by my professional experience in design. Beginning in the industry as an editorial art director, I’ve worked on a variety of publications ranging from the weekly alternative paper Terminal City, to the regional titles of Canada Wide Media Ltd., and the national monthly ION magazine. Moving into communication and interactive design, I had the opportunity to work on projects for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Baby Center, Gracenote, Varonis, and Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Camp.

As a professional member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada since 2006, my portfolio can be viewed via their site by clicking here.